Why Are You Reading This?

12.01.19-Kwatlen-Hort200“Kwantlen Campus News” -  September 2013

You are a golf course or parks Groundsman at the crew lunchroom table.  Perhaps you are just passing time during your break at the job you are happy doing for the rest of your life....or maybe you are reading this for another reason. You may be experienced at what you do and ready for the next move up. Perhaps you feel you may have the skill-set necessary to move into management.  Is this you in the photo?

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Kwantlen Turfgrass Diploma Students Ace WCTA Conference Experience

12.08.17-show.logo2013by Stan Kazymerchyk

12 Kwantlen Turfgrass diploma students travelled to Penticton March 2-5 for the 50th WCTA Conference. Students saw the latest products at the Trade Show, learned at great presentations and networked extensively with industry professionals.   They also rang the show in by organizing a very successful Pub Night attended by 70 turfgrass managers.  Many thanks to David Duncan and the Kwantlen Turf Club for sponsoring this very successful event, along with Bos Sod for the bentgrass turf.

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Kwantlen Turfgrass Campus News

12.01.19-Kwatlen-Hort200From Stan Kazymerchyk, Turf Management Program Instructor

Another successful school year concluded mid-April for Kwantlen Turf students. WCTA Conference in Penticton featured our Turf Club hosting a lively opening Pub Night, many hours of conference volunteer work, starry performances at the Hockey Challenge, and a $2,000 donation to Turfgrass Research. Tab Buckner and Peter Sorokovsky represented our associations at Kwantlen’s ‘Horticulture Awards’ night in April. Glen Atamanik won WCTA and Jeff Norris awards, while Grant Steinberg took CGSA and  BCGSA honours. Krista Hewlet, Janine MacDonald and Tom Peterson won KPU Fisher awards.

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