Olds College Campus News

12.11.16-Olds1from Jason Pick, Instructor, Turf Management Program

New Olds College Golf Team

Olds College began this year by energizing the Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference with its new 2012 Golf team, filling the roster with nine team members among our turf diploma program students. Managed by golf course management instructors Ian Morrow (Head Coach) and Jay Leach (Assistant Coach), the new golf team was represented through three provincial qualifier tournaments.  These inspiring students balanced full time classes with practice and competition, only narrowly missing the qualifying scores at Desert Blume Golf Club for national championships in Oshawa.

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News From The OC Turf Club

12.03.15-OldsSnowDrivingEvents Like The Winter Classic Long Drive Challenge (First Held Last Year) Are Helping To Increase The Ranks Of The OC Turf ClubSubmitted By Franz Unterberger - The 2011-2012 school year has been a busy one for the OC Turf Club, there were high expectations for success and failure was not an option. 

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Olds College Builds New Wetland Treatment Research Facility

12.05.17-olds.collegeBy Ian Morrow

Golf has long been thought of, as a “waster” of water but the reality is that the majority of water used is returned to the environment. The public perception is that the golf course industry has a negative impact on water quality in the environment. Since we are returning the water to the environment then the real question is; are we returning the water cleaner than we received it or not?

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Olds Students Make Visit To Banff Springs

12.02.01Olds College-at-Banff200Banff Shows How Extensive Naturalization Doesn’t Have To Interfere With Busy Resort Play.In September 20, the 2011 Olds College Golf Course Management Degree students were welcomed by Certified, Master Superintendent Bob Burrows, assistant Dan Nolan, and environmental coordinator Jennifer Heim, to tour the historic Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Club. The unique national park venue introduced students to those increasing environmental stewardship responsibilities commonly adopted by many courses across Canada.

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