The Importance of Being A Positive Mentor; From The Voice of An Intern

By Dave Bennett, Olds College Student and Sundre Golf Club Intern

No matter the industry which you take on a role as a mentor, there are many important qualities, traits and even sacrifices required in order to have a positive influence on your intern.  Ensuring that you are ready to train the future prospects of the industry and take on this important role is a huge sacrifice for any mentor but can be very rewarding at the same time.

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Matt and His Microscope


In this very special Turf Line News article, we pay tribute to the passing of our own first year Olds College turf student, Matt Suderman. A former hockey player turned turfie,  Matt was lost recently due to complications from diabetes. The outpouring of support for Matts family, from his friends, colleagues and classmates, has been heard widely through social media since his passing.  Matt’s superintendent at Bearspaw Country Club, Darren Reddekopp, recently shared his heartfelt message which I share as our Olds College Campus news quartlerly article.

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Olds College Campus News Fall 2015


By Jason Pick

It has been a wonderful and productive year for Golf Course Management in Alberta, and for Olds College.   As we come to a predictable end of an exceptionally long growing season (which began in mid-March) that followed a very mild winter, many courses are finishing up their winterization programs with smiles on their faces and money in the bank.

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