Penticton Turf Management Conference Image Anthology

The 54th Annual WCTA Conference and Trade Show that took place February 15-17, 2017 in sunny, Penticton, BC, is now part of this esteemed association’s history.  The question, “Was the show successful?” often gets asked during post-production, by delegates, vendors, our own Board and anyone interested, and while the WCTA has a pretty good track record of happy conference attendees, every year is a moving target and there are many different ways to gage success.

Instead of writing a lengthy post-Penticton report, we thought it better to provide some imagery that speaks for itself.  BTW, as an important revenue generator for our organization, we’re pleased to report financial targets were met while providing an experience our delegates have come to expect.

For those who supported this year’s WCTA Conference and Trade Show, thank you very much!  Thank you as well to our Organizing Committee, speakers, KPU Turf Club, local hosts Larry Olson and Jeff Lynka, vendors and sponsors, production team and everyone who worked hard to bring it all together.  We look forward to another great event next year, tentatively planned for February 14-16, at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC.  We’ll be able to confirm this by end April.

Above: Mario Lanthier (left) starts us off with a pre-con seminar on back-pack calibration.  Somehow, Tom Calder wound up being the guinea pig.
Below: Okay Keith Lyall, your rectangle is missing a side!

 Nobody said there was going to be a test!  Oh wait, yes they did.

Above: Keynote speaker Dr. Tim Ball delivers another view of climate change.  Things were heating up with some of his controversial statements!
Below:  They came to listen and listen they did.


Above:  It was a little work coaxing Kyle Kemball (left) and Bill Quinn from Bear Mountain to present in front of their peers for the first time.  No sweat, great job guys!
Below:  When the Suzuki 'Nature of Things' broadcast announcement came out, it just so happened that Tara Donadio from Audubon was presenting in Penticton.  Interestingly, the Suzuki Foundation never resonded to our invitation to attend but we're glad Tara did.

 Moving on to the trade show, we'll spare you from any tacky comments...













And now on to the big event, the Dave Creamer Memorial Hockey Game!  Sorry, no idea of the final score but spoiler alert, it was the Blackhawks who came out on top, or was it the Islanders???

Ok ref, keep it fair.

Guess who was the winning coach?  We'll give you a hint, it wasn't the guy trying to steal the cup but thanks to both THP Co. and Prairie Coast for sponsoring.

Above:  Jason Pick, WCTA President and Conference host was keeping things under control as usual.  "Ise calls thems as ise sees thems," he says.
Below:  All for a great cause guys, thanks for raising $500 for the Dave Creamer Memorial Scholarship fund!

In general, the annual business meeting of the association was fairly serious, for the most part.

Above:  Cary Blue (left) presents Dan Cooper a well-deserved WCTA Life Member Award.
Below:  Rod MacDonnell says a few heartfelt words after receiving his WCTA Life Member Award.


Thanking the help!  Above: Jason Pick presents Jeff Lynka, City of Penticton, a token of our appreciation for being a great host.  Larry Olson, Penticton Golf Club also helped host and is basically saying, "When are we gonna crack this thing?"

Above: To the KPU Turf Club volunteers, our sincerest gratitude for all your help!
Below: Inbound President Peter Sorokovsky (right) presents Jason Pick, now WCTA Past President, with a congratulatory plaque.

Our final session, the Great Debate, experts question the true value of the of benefits of turf.  Some tough questions were politely posed and while it was tense, fortunately, we didn't have to throw anyone out.

So was the conference a success?  At the end of the day, Travis Olson (below) probably summed it up best.