Are You Ready for your Next Step?

Calling all junior managers. Have you considered your next step? Have you been interested in recent job postings for advancement in your career? Are you confident in your application skills to stand out as the best potential candidate?

In partnership with Target Specialty Products

Professional Development Seminar for Assistants - Are You Ready For Your Next Step?

Hosted by Adam Zubek, General Manager at Point Grey Golf & Country Club

Friday February 16, 12:00 until 13:00 at the River Rock Casino Resort in the Whistler Room

RSVP to Cameron Watt, WCTA Director | Assistant Superintendent The Redwoods Golf Course | 

This 60 minute seminar covers necessary skills throughout the job application process to help you feel confident when applying for your next step. Adam Zubek, General Manager at Point Grey Golf and Country Club, is our industry guest professional who will create discussion and provide techniques you can use to strengthen your brand as a potential candidate. This seminar encourages participation and engagement. Ask many questions and share personal experiences.

Sharpen your applications to get that interview. Remain calm and composed while creating a lasting impression with your interviewer. Ensure your importance when following up. These are the topics of discussion so that you can polish up your application skills.