A Really Big Show! 2018 Conference Fundraising Efforts Featured

By Jerry Rousseau, WCTA Executive Director

2018 Conference and Trade Show post-production work is nearly complete and feedback from our 55th annual event, held for the first time at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC, has been overwhelmingly positive! 


With BC’s largest casino as our backdrop, along with a world class education program, 50+ companies exhibiting and several fun-filled networking activities, we shouldn’t be surprised it was the WCTA’s best attended show in the past 5 years.

Of course we’re very pleased since a successful event helps drive the association financially but it’s important to note that conference time is much more than a gathering of turf management professionals seeking education, networking and the latest in industry supplies, products and services;  it’s also a time of philanthropy, a chance to give back in a variety of ways which is the focus of this article.

When it comes to putting on a show, our staff gets the job done but fundraising is another matter requiring tremendous efforts in the form of many volunteers.  It’s humbling to witness and be part of what comes together and it’s my sincere pleasure to make the following post-conference fundraising announcements.

Dave Creamer Memorial Hockey

The 8th Annual Dave Creamer Memorial Hockey Game took place Thursday, February 15 at the Richmond Ice Centre with $1000 raised for the Dave Creamer Scholarship fund through player contributions.  Helping make this possible was Daryl Nagy from Oakcreek who organized the game, the City of Richmond who donated the ice and game sponsors Turf Health Products, CPS Evergo and Oakcreek Golf & Turf.

Silent Auction for Turf Research

We’re happy to announce $6,418 was raised by this year's silent auction at the River Rock Casino Resort, surpassing last year's total of $4,451 by a wide margin.  These funds go directly toward funding the research that supports our industry.  For a complete list of bid winners and donors, please click the following link and don’t forget to support the companies who support us.


From left to right: Carolyn Reitzel Corey Hewlet, Jason Morgan, Josh Crandall, Brennan Lessick, Josh Carlsen, WCTA President Peter Sorokovsky, Duncan Longridge
(Ksenia Thurston missing from pic)

KPU Turf Management

Since 2013, the Kwantlen Turf Management students have raised $22,214.66 for turf research including $3,044.66 in Richmond just a few weeks ago.  The funds have come from 50/50 draws, skills competitions, raffles and contests like this year’s ‘Guess the Number of Poker Chips’ which was appropriately themed.

Winner of 50/50 draw – Andrew Jellis, Creston Golf Club who donated his winnings of $187.50 back to the turf research fund.  Way to go Andrew!

Winner of “Guess the Poker Chips” contest – Ryan Muir, North Van Parks

Winners of the 2018 Raffle for Research:

1. Storey Creek & Crown Isle – Dancing Dave Duncan
2. Quilchena & Pitt Meadows - Lorranie Oxtoby
3. Osoyoos & Fairview Mountain – Mat Mihal
4. Pagoda Ridge & Mission – Jamey Serediuk
5. Kamloops & Sun Peaks – David Keough
6. Surrey & Redwoods – Ken Reid
7. Westwood Plateau & Carnoustie – Chuck Mueller
8. Northlands & Bowen Island – Michael Hobkirk
9. Bear Mountain & Olympic View – Dave Fair
10. Riverway & Fraserview – Rob Yates
11. Two Eagles & Shannon Lake – Peter Simpson
12. Kings Links & Tsawwassen Springs – Pat Healy
13. Eaglepoint & Shuswap Lake Estates – Jeff Bennett

Peter Sorokovsky is beside himself (cardboard cutout on the left and Dale Overton to his right) as his infamous ‘Give Me 5 Bucks’ campaign raised $364.66 this year.  Why not a multiple of five you ask?  It was due to a generous US friend’s twenty that converted to $24.66 CDN. 

From left to right: Gary Bartley, Travis Olson, Jason Pick, Cam Watt, Davin Marr, Andre Dionne, Norley Calder, Peter Sorokovsky (Jed McGeachie missing)

At the close of every show we announce the new Board of Directors and the location of next year’s conference.  We also make prize draws for those who’ve stuck around to the bitter end, those delegates who have displayed a huge amount of stamina over a very busy three days or perhaps just don’t have anywhere better to be on a Friday afternoon.  It’s tentatively the River Rock for third week of February 2019 by the way.

At any rate, in the past we’ve given away TV’s, cash and a variety of prizes but we need to make special thanks to Ken Reid at FarmTek Services and TDS West for providing our best grand prize ever, a full day Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Trip for four people including overnight accommodation and all the kit, valued at something like $2500.  Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Fishing Trip for 4 pp courtesy Farm-Tek / TDS West – Steve May
$500 River Rock Gift Card – Sergio Mariani
Lulay signed jersey – Travis Olson
Lulay signed jersey – Jamie Muter
Slot machine – Carolyn Reitzel
Poker table – Barry Teichrobe
Poker set – Gary Bartley
Poker set – Steve Peardon
Poker set – Lisa Hartviksen

In total, over $11,000 was raised during and because of the 2018 conference for a couple really great causes.  Thank you for these charitable efforts that say a lot about the golf and sportsturf management industry at large.  Keep up the great work!