Golf & Sportsturf Management Conference & Trade Show Exhibitor Update

56th Annual Western Canada Turfgrass Association
Conference and Trade Show

February 20-22, 2019, River Rock Casino Resort 
Richmond I British Columbia I Canada

October 11, 2018

To all Golf and Sportsturf Management Industry Suppliers and Service Providers,

We’re already receiving booth requests for our 2019 Conference and Trade Show taking place at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC, February 20-22, 2019.  

Thanks to all those who are way ahead of the curve when it comes to trade show registration!  Unfortunately, booth registration isn’t quite ready yet but staff are feverishly working on this and other conference production details - we’d like to have the exhibitor package distributed by month end.  

What can we tell you now?

Last year, our first time at the River Rock, was a huge hit and the excitement will continue.  Building on that success, our 2019 organizing committee has been working hard on the event schedule, social and education programs.  Every year, feedback is reviewed for ways to improve the show and we try to incorporate lessons from past years.  At this point, the program is a couple weeks away from completion. 

Finer points related to our contract with the River Rock are being worked on.  The room rate will be close to last year’s but we also want to ensure space rental fees and food and beverage pricing is in line.

Our 2019 education theme is ‘Protect Your Natural Capital’.  In the general sense, natural capital refers to the world’s supply of natural assets like air, water, soil and so on.  For the sportsturf management industry, we take this as our golf courses, sportsfields, bowling greens and anywhere turf is used for recreation.  We’ve also heard this called ‘functional horticulture’.

A couple speakers have been confirmed and many more are in progress. Grant Cantin, the Canadian Head Groundsman at Wimbledon will no doubt be well received as will Mike Jiggens, Editor of Turf & Recreation Magazine who, next year, will be celebrating 25 years of ‘pounding the turf beat’.

Much, much more is still to come including exact trade show hours, floorplan and other important info.  

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of the longest running and largest sportsfield and golf course management event in western Canada, the WCTA Conference and Trade Show.  We’re looking forward to seeing you at the River Rock once again this coming February!

Jerry Rousseau
Executive Director, WCTA

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Who is the WCTA?

Including our nearly 700 members, we communicate with well over 2000 golf and sportsturf management contacts from throughout western Canada, providing education, resources and valuable member services, funding turf research and actively lobbying for the turfgrass management industry on multiple levels.  

We’re strong in BC and growing in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Our reach in the BC golf market is higher than any other turf industry organization at nearly 50% of the 300+ courses, while on the lucrative sportsfield and parks side, WCTA members represent 56% of major BC municipalities.  Also active are school district, university and private school staff, educators, researchers and turf management students.