Silent Auction Items Needed

Help us by pledging an item or items to our Silent Auction!  Many conference delegates participate in the auction and most at minimum, peruse auction items making this an effective and inexpensive way to keep your company top of mind while supporting the industry.


Our 2020 goal is to raise $15,000 for research projects aimed at helping turf managers solve problems and ultimately better manage their turf. 


Q. Why do we want to fund turfgrass research?
A.  Turf has value.  Your involvement in the turf industry is why you’re reading this and if there’s one thing we’ve learned as an industry, it’s that problems don’t go away by themselves!

Increased regulatory restrictions are heightening the need to support turf research.  Some of our current research priorities include:

Development and evaluation of effective alternatives to conventional pesticides
Marketing and communicating the benefits of turfgrass and addressing the public issues about the turfgrass industry
A systems approach to sustainable turfgrass management
Economic impact of turfgrass management decisions 
Nutrient management and nutrient sources
Water conservation and water quality
Emerging Pests - Better diagnostics for new pests (e.g., summer patch and Waitea patch), new diseases in Canada, invasive insects that have migrated or started to establish in Canada with no alternatives or solutions available 
Improved turfgrass species and varieties that exhibit desirable traits.
Effects of climate change on turfgrass and pests
The development of educational materials about the environmental impact of golf courses aimed at golfers

Thank your for your support.  Donors and bid winners will be posted after the conference at