Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd… Celebrating 10 Years!

12.01.19-Pac-Seed-Logo200At Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. grass seed is their passion, specializing in supplying the expertise and knowledge to insure that your seeding job is successful.

This includes custom seed blending to meet the specific needs for each customer. If your grass seed needs include professional turf, forage, wildflowers or reclamation products, Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. has the vast knowledge and experience to help you. Annette Roy and David Wall are knowledgeable, experienced, personable and eager to find solutions to ensure credible results for all of your individual seed needs.


#1 - Size
Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. is an efficient locally operated custom grass seed blending facility with a modern packaging line, combined with 2 large seed blenders, allowing for fast and accurate product blending.

#2 – Unique Turf Seed Products
A strong emphasis is put on searching worldwide for genetics that thrive in our climates. Turf seed genetics vary from European origins to North American plant material. This allows for individual successful formulas for individual customers. One of the newest additions to their line is "Natural Knit," a long lived perennial ryegrass with an excellent bright to dark green colour. Low growing, laterally spreading, it forms a very dense, highly attractive, durable turf with tightly intertwined horizontal tillers. Incomparable is the first tetraploid "turf type" perennial ryegrass (Replicator 4N) with twice the DNA which will germinate and thrive under much harsher conditions and recover quickly from heavy wear. It is much more drought tolerant and winter hardy than conventional perennial ryegrasses.

#3 - Facilities
The 10,400 square foot office/ warehouse is impeccable, a necessity in the seed business. From here seed custom orders are filled for customers all over British Columbia and Alberta. This facility also includes a pedestal bag sewer and automatic bagger, as well as a small retail seed packaging line. Bring in your used seed bags for recycling. A free service!

#4 - Location
Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. is conveniently located in the heart of the Lower Mainland of BC. Strategically positioned for ease of transporting goods, the facility is just minutes from the Trans-Canada Highway and the USA international border.

#5 - Quality Control
Cleanliness is essential in this business. "You can't have any contamination. If you have turf, you don't want orchardgrass or something else in the turf," says Annette, their quality assurance expert. Because of this dedication to quality, Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. has been fully accredited with the Canadian Seed Institute, making this Western Canadian business part of a nation-wide network of seed establishments implementing quality control systems. Bottom line, Premier Pacific delivers a rigorously defined level of quality.

#6 - Staff Knowledge And Experience
Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. uses the extensive staff experience and expertise to supply customers with maximum choice. Says David, "Annette and myself, together with Nischal Ram, Candice Morneau and Marc Aliangan look forward to welcoming you and making you aware of just what we have to offer."

Sums up David, "Grass seed is our passion. We strive to be partners in your success through expert advice, quality of product and impeccable service. We look forward to your call."

Primary Contact: David Wall
Tel: 1-800-433-5153

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