Bos Sod: Quality Sod For Golf Courses And Athletic Fields In Western Canada & The USA

12.01.19-Bos-Sod200Owned and operated by Bert and Debbie Bos, Bos Sod Farms Inc. started growing sod in BC in 1993, to service the residential and commercial market.

Since they have evolved to focus on the professional market in the Pacific Northwest USA and across Western Canada servicing athletic fields and golf courses with a special focus on sod products for greens.

Their sod has a deserved reputation for being of the best quality.

Confirms Bert, “The majority of our sod products are grown on 3mm washed sand, compatible with USGA root zone mixes including 25 acres of greens sod; bentgrass varieties and Native Poa Annua. Our bentgrass fields are fumigated to eliminate unwanted grasses and other pests. Great care is taken to produce a top quality product for the discerning end user. We continually review and improve growing procedures, equipment developments, input products, cultural practices, and keep striving to raise the quality bar.”

There are number of advantages to using sod when compared to growing from seed. Customers doing long term renovation planning can order their sod in advance which allows customizing to suit exact needs. Bos Sod then can grow "Just in time sod inventory" ensuring sod availability and competitive prices. This means new courses can be guaranteed to open on time which can be critical. On existing courses doing renovation work, areas can be kept out of play for much shorter periods, resulting in less disruption and earlier opening dates. Sodding also gives the renovation job an instant professional and "finished look", increasing customer satisfaction. Typically for greens newly sodded areas can be put into play between 3–6 weeks of good growth.

02.07.11-Gall edgeGallagher's Canyon And The Quail Course Are Sporting Bos Sod Bent Grass Greens - Image Courtesy GolfBCGallaghers Canyon in Kelowna used this approach to replace aging greens in 2011 and was extremely satisfied with the results.

For more information, visit Bos’ well-designed and easy-to-naviagte website.

Primary Contact: Bert Bos
2565 Dixon Road, Abbotsford, BC, V3G 2H2
604-854-1415 or 800-267-7763