Tebuconazole (Mirage) Under Review

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is currently conducting a re-evaluation of tebuconazole and is seeking information related to its use.

The PMRA has contacted the registrants to confirm the uses summarized from the labels of currently registered products (Attachment 1) and to clarify any areas in which the use pattern is either not specified or unclear on the labels (see Attachment 2; note that this file may be too large to be printed). Please be advised that registrants may contact you for assistance in this regard. The registrants’ response to the PMRA’s request for use information is required within 90 days from the date of the attached letter.  

Registrants are also asked for information that describes how these products are used, such as the typical application rates and percent crop treated (Attachment 3). Such information is critical in case further refinements to risk assessments are required; for instance, if exposure estimates are not found to be acceptable using the maximum rates or number of seasonal applications on the label. 

As a user of these products, your input is valuable for this phase of the re-evaluation. We invite you to forward this email to relevant user groups that we may not have reached or to any other group within your organization that may have an interest in the re-evaluation of tebuconazole.