AGA-BC Invited To Speak At Liquor Control Act Change Announcement

13.02.10-AGA-BC1From: Kris Jonasson 
Sent: November 22, 2014 8:38 AM
To: Allied Golf Association Board of Directors
Subject: Press Conference
Importance: High

Hi everyone,

On Monday, the Attorney General The Honourable Suzanne Anton, will be making an announcement on some changes to the liquor control act that will be quite positive to the business operations of both golf courses and ski operations.

David Lynn, the President of the BC Ski Council and myself, have been asked to be in Victoria for the announcement and to speak to the announcement during the press conference. Attached for your information is a copy of the remarks that I will be making (see below).

This is another great example of how our lobbying efforts are bearing fruit to the golf sector and I would encourage you to forward this to your constituency.


Kris Jonasson
Executive Director
British Columbia Golf

Remarks for Monday November 24th, 2014

Golf within British Columbia is much more than just a sport. In fact we are a 2.08 billion dollar industry, a major employer, and in all communities a vital piece of infrastructure.

It’s great to see the government really working hard to cut red tape for small business and tourism operations in the province.

Golf courses throughout B. C. extend their licensed areas quite often for our customers, to host weddings and for large gatherings. This change will be a great relief for many.

The time, money and effort that currently go into the application process can now be used more effectively, and we think it is a great move.

The golf sector works cooperatively with government to promote British Columbia, as a premier destination for golf in North America. Hosting world-class tournaments and special events is one of the many ways we attract tourists to B.C.

Golf is a healthy activity and in fact a round of golf meets the 10,000 – step a day goal for a healthy society.

Today’s announcement frees up valuable staff, and reallocates their time to get British Columbians more physically active through the sport of golf and to focus on the planning and hosting of events, rather than just the paperwork.

Thank you Minister Anton and Parliamentary Secretary Yap for your efforts in improving the business climate through progressive well thought out ideas such as this announcement.