Redesigning the CGSA - Setting the Foundation for Consultation

12.11.01-CGSA.logo.againThe Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) has completed the first few stages in its restructuring process and is excited about being able to share with members and the golf community across Canada these initial components of the process that has been titled, "Redesigning the CGSA".  

The start to the process happened in Calgary in early February when the CGSA Board of Directors met for almost 20 hours to discuss financial and organizational sustainability and to provide a basis or a foundation for that to occur.  Industry and professional members of the Association were engaged by members of the Board of Directors in spontaneous "focus group" discussions throughout that week to gather some initial input.  The next step was to develop a request for proposals document which identified the purpose and the parameters of "Redesigning the CGSA".  A total of 18 proposals were received and those are currently being reviewed by a sub-Committee of the Board of Directors with the objective of selecting a third party facilitator to help guide the more in depth process over the next six - eight months.  The selection of a facilitator and the initial outline for the consultation should be ready for release by the end of April.  Although not finalized, the process is expected to use several different mechanisms and reach a wide, stakeholder audience.  

The other important component of the foundation of this project and of the CGSA is the status of the association going in to this organizational restructuring.  Financially, the CGSA Board of Directors and staff have taken several steps to re-evaluate the budget for the current year and make changes that provide an improved opportunity for the association to complete the October 31, 2015 fiscal year end with a surplus.  These changes involved a complete review of revenues and expenses, with a particular focus on ensuring that revenue estimates were conservative, based on previous results, and expenditures were reduced wherever possible while being conscious to minimize any impacts on service delivery.  

A major contributor to the CGSA bottom line annually is the Canadian International Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show (CITCTS).  As previously noted, the Association was able to achieve the target net position established in its original budget for the event.  This was only possible due to the delegate, sponsor and exhibitor support that the event received and the steps that were initiated by the Board of Directors and staff to ensure that expenditures were limited to the greatest extent possible without jeopardizing the value of CITCTS to the participant.  

Also, as reported at the CGSA Annual General Meeting in Calgary, the CGSA continues to have a healthy reserve account due to the vigilance of past and present Boards of Directors.   The long term impacts of repeated deficit annual financial results are obvious when it comes to the life of these reserve funds and the "Redesigning the CGSA" process is aimed at stabilizing and ensuring the sustainability of the Association for future generations of superintendents.  

The CGSA represents golf course superintendents from across Canada. Its mission is to promote and support golf superintendents. The association is also committed to environmentally sustainable practices with respect to the management of golf course properties.  

For more information on the CGSA and its many initiatives, programs and services, please contact Ken Cousineau at or 416-626-8873, ext. 222.