BCGSA Exchange Tournament Hits New Heights

12.11.03-BCGSA.Logo.NEWThis year's BC Golf Superintendent Association annual golf outing and networking opportunity was literally taken to new heights.  Host of the event, Sun Peaks Resort just north of Kamloops, BC, is the highest elevation golf course in the province and is home to the Sun Peaks Ski Area and famous Canadian olympic champion skier, Nancy Greene.

Over 80 golf course management professionals and the supplying industry supported the event hosted by superintendent and WCTA President, Keith Lyall. 

Day 1 began with a wide ranging superintentendent panel discussion.  3 hours was spent reviewing everything from aeration practices to crew scheduling, fertility, heights of cut and pest management strategies with panel members sharing their experiences while solicting the audience for feedback.   

13.08.12-exchange1Panel discussion members included (left to right) Brian Youell, Tim Kubash, Greg Kowalski, Jamie Robb and Greg Broome (absent from photo)

Next was a a first ever equipment showcase on the golf course that included a variety of stops setup around the course including:

13.08.12-exchange2This pano shot shows a lot happening at the first green of Sun Peaks Resort Golf Course during the demo portion of the 2 day event

 13.08.12-exchange4Keith Lyall, in foreground on the right, gets a good close look at the Drill & Fill aerator

 13.08.12-exchange3Casey O'Connor explains moisture sensors to Gary Stadnek of Highland Pacific

13.08.15-Exchange5There was certainly a lot of interest in the new Jacobsen electric walking greens mowers...

 13.08.15-Exchange7Greg Kornelson from Interior Turf Equipment demos mower on 20 degree + slopes at the mountainous Sun Peaks Resort Golf Course

 13.08.15-Exchange9A lot was happening on course to be sure and this photographer didn't make it everywhere. Oakcreek was setup for demos but we just snuck in this photo as the truck was being loaded!

13.08.15-Exchange6Air2G compressed air turf aerator uses shattering action to relieve compaction

 13.08.15-Exchange8There was even the odd moment to take a break and relax courtesy Prairie Coast Equipment...

A fun, 9 hole mini-scramble tournament was held that afternoon after the equipment demos with host superintendent Keith Lyall's group taking top prize with a score of 29! (7 under).

Day 2 kicked off with a BCGSA general member meeting followed by the main event, an 18-hole 3 person team scramble.

13.08.15-Exhchange10BCGSA President Dean Piller addresses the general meeting participants 

After the meeting, participants moved onto the golf course for the 18-hole, 3 person team scramble event.  What's amazing about the mountains is how fast and dramatically the weather can change.  The day started with this:

13.08.15-Exchange12Sun Peaks 10th tee looking west

To this:

13.08.15-Exchange14Rex Skarbo tries to find his ball somewhere on the 7th green.

13.08.15-Exchange13Steve Kerbrat has to clear Chelsey Eriksson's path in order to make her putt. The heavy stuff did come down including a 1/2 inch of hail!

Back to this:

 13.08.15-Exchange15The infamous Rob Wilke stands with Margaret Hird of AR Mower enjoing some post lightning/hail storm sunshine!

End result of the tournament, well, not many groups were able to finish their round.  A few brave souls stayed the course including the winning group at 11 under par, Rex Skarbo, Chelsey Eriksson and Jerry Rousseau.

As always, the BCGSA did a great job organizing the event and participants were very pleased.  Sun Peaks Resort provided the beauty, hospitality and great service making this one of the best Exchange Tournament's ever held.  See you next year on Vancouver Island!

13.08.15-Exchange11The Kitsul's and BrettYoung's Sean Kenny enjoy a spectacular breakfast experience at the Delta Sun Peaks Resort Hotel