Message From Allied Golf Association President Trevor Smith

13.02.10-AGA-BC1I would firstly like to thank the WCTA Board for allowing me the opportunity to address you, (its members) through the Associations newsletter.

When asked to write a piece for the Turfline News describing the Allied Golf Association-BC and outlining its function the first thing that came to mind was a quote from a book I had just read by Max De Pree  “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

It was this quote that has always stuck with me when attempting to define what has happened to the game of golf in the last 25 years and more specifically what has happened since 2008. Firstly, we must define what we “need” as a game and a business and then we have to make changes to what it is we are doing.

Each Association involved with golf has been independently working on these issue with marginal success, the solution to the problem is not going to come from one Association! The business of golf is complex and requires the participation of all those actively involved in its operation to provide valuable input and co-operation.

The AGA-BC is a vehicle for that participation.

1. The Allied Golf Association of British Columbia (AGA BC) is a Provincial Organization that contains representation from each of the Regional Golf Industry Associations that are dedicated to providing one cohesive voice for the Golf Business of British Columbia.   

2. AGA BC consists of two representatives from each of the provincial Golf Industry Associations who are committed to the understanding of each other’s respective roles, working together on matters of mutual interest that requires a unified communication from the Golf Industry, and promoting ways and means to grow the game of golf in British Columbia. The accomplishments of the AGA-BC so far have been reflected in the way each group has contributed and participated in a particular outcome.

We as a group came together to host a golf awareness day at the legislature in Victoria, which was very successful in creating awareness within Government as to the Value golf plays in our economy and local communities. This has also been a catalyst and vehicle for our vigorous lobbying effort with regard to the cosmetic pesticide issue.

The final results of the golf cart licensing initiative, which was driven by the NGCOA and supported by the AGA-BC also ended with golf courses no longer having to bear the added financial cost of insuring Golf Carts.

We also came together to identify the top 3 Issues that all Associations agree must be dealt with as soon as possible.

• Environmental/Governmental Advocacy (Cosmetic Pesticide Issue)
• Taxation regulations (Entertainment deduction)
• Growing the Game (Recreational and competitive golf development streams)

There has never been a point in recent history when there has been better opportunity for all the groups involved in the game and business of golf to be able to fully participate and be actively engaged. Your representatives on the board have done a great job of engaging and contributing to these successes.

The Board of the AGA-BC would also like to express its appreciation to all members of the WCTA and BCGSA for its financial contribution to the Pesticide Advocacy issue.  On that note, the AGA’s Pesticide advocacy committee is meeting to firm up a list of recommendations that will be presented to the Minister of Environment, Mary Pollack  by the end of the month. All issues facing golf, directly or indirectly affect us all in providing a successful golf operation for our clientele.

I would encourage all of you to stay actively involved in supporting the initiatives of the AGA-BC by engaging your representatives and expressing your thoughts and views. The future looks much better for the game of golf knowing everyone is involved in developing solutions

Get involved, keep active and engaged in the issues your business is facing!


Trevor Smith President, AGA-BC