Vice President’s Message

16.01.14-Jason. PickBy Jason Pick 

This year, our Directors have taken ownership of some of the most challenging and demanding goals that one could ever ask a team of volunteers.  Each having participated on several portfolios and sub-committees, their fluency across a broad spectrum of issues has created a team like no other.

 I am humbled for having had the opportunity to contribute to this Board and hold the utmost respect for each Director who has tirelessly brought their passion and professionalism to the boardroom.   

With a diverse interprovincial membership, we continue to focus on the inclusion of each sector, helping all our members reach their personal and professional goals.  My sincerest respect goes out to our backbone, Executive Director Jerry Rousseau, whose skillful management should be celebrated with each success.  Keeping his Directors focussed, and with the continued support of our members, industry representatives, and affiliates, the WCTA has shown growth and profitability with great foresight.  Calculated and deliberate, we continue to offer exceptional educational programs, networking, and industry showcasing events with great affordability.  

Special thanks goes to notable contributors this year.  Thanks to Mr. Pat Differ for stepping up as interim director and whose experience has proven invaluable in gaining perspective on our changing industry.  Our conference organizing committee thanks Mr. Dave Gottselig and Mr. Stu Carmichael of the Whistler Golf Club, whose efforts will soon show our delegates why Whistler remains their playground and a premier Canadian destination.  Sincerest gratitude goes out to our past president, Keith Lyall, and his relentless efforts to drive environmental advocacy in western Canada, and Steve Kerbrat, Greg Austin and Tab Buckner for their ongoing sector liaison commitments.  Thanks to Trevor Smith, who has sacrificed his time and energy to our association as our president for two eventful years.  We have each benefited by his dedication to the advancement of our field, through presidential contributions to the CGSA, WCTA, and AGA.  His passion for our industry and his drive will resonate.

To comment on the future, I would like to say that change is inevitable. As creatures of habit we may occasionally object, but as we have seen throughout the industry, our families, and in our workplaces, change is inevitable.  The best we can do, is remain as open, nimble and proactive as possible during the transition.  

As we have for 53 years, the WCTA will continue to listen, inspire, and empower its membership. We will continue to strive to understand other points of view, and learn from them.  We will continue to reinforce our foundations of trust and professionalism, and do so with great pride and conviction, as members of the WCTA.  Thank you all for your continued support.

With gratitude,

Jason Pick