City of Kamloops Honoured with Sports Field of the Year Award

Kamloops, BC - The City of Kamloops has been recognized internationally as the first Canadian municipality ever to win the prestigious Field of the Year award from the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) for its management of Norbrock Stadium.  READ MORE.

2019 Conference Delegate Registration Open

We're ready if you are!  Delegate registration for the 56th Annual WCTA Conference and Trade Show is now open along with hotel booking.  READ MORE.

Jackpot! New Member Free Conference Promo

December 7, 2019 If turf management is what you do, whether you’re on a golf course, sportsfield or anywhere turf is used for recreation, now is the best time there has ever been to become a Western Canada Turfgrass Association member.  READ MORE.

56th Annual Conference Rundown

Here’s the short version of what you’ll need to make the most out of this year’s show, a MUST READ rundown on what’s happening.  We’ll highlight some key points and provide tips to make your visit to the River Rock Casino Resort a great experience.  READ MORE.

Trade Show 94% Sold Out

Golf & Sportsturf Management Conference & Trade ShowExhibitor Update  READ MORE.

Final President’s Message of the Year

Looking back at previous messages, I may have stepped on toes, possibly bruised some egos and have potentially sounded a bit preachy, my apologies if you were negatively affected.  That being said, it’s important for an industry association President to bring up the tough subjects so we can all do our best in whatever we do and achieve higher levels for our industry in the process.  READ MORE.

IPM Manual Worth the Wait

Allied Golf Association of British ColumbiaRelease – November 9, 2018 A major rewrite to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Manual for Turfgrass Managers, originally a resource produced in partnership between the Western Canada Turfgrass Association and the BC Ministry of Agriculture in the early 2000's and last updated in 2009, is nearly complete.  READ MORE.

Why Would WSU Drop the Turf Management Program?

by Bill Ackerlie, WWGCSANov 12, 2018 I had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Richard Koenig, the Interim Chair of the Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences and Horticulture at WSU.  READ MORE.

CPCIA Education Week Jan 29-31 in Calgary

Canadian Prairie Chapter of the Irrigation Association presents 2019 Education Week & Trade Show:  READ MORE