New and Returning WCTA Members Updated November 2015

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Membership numbers are dynamic,fluctuating throughout the year.  Year-end (Sept 30) is the only time we can effectively take stock of our member numbers and make year-over-year comparisons. 

Our membership has remained extremely stable over the long term.  At 2015 fiscal year-end, the WCTA is 691 members strong  (compared to 692 a year ago) and we have welcomed 88 new members since October 1, 2014.  Thank you for your support and confidence in our association!

2016 member dues invoicing will begin in November.  We appreciate prompt payment so we can focus on member services rather than dues collection.  If you still need to look after your 2015 dues, please contact Leslie at

Dues payment options now include the following:

  • PayPal - go to www.wcta-online, click Pay Invoice at the bottom of the home page
  • email/scan your invoice to us at with cc payment
  • fax your invoice with cc payment to 1-866-366-5097
  • call Leslie at (604) 780-9130 with a cc number
  • mail a cheque to WCTA, Box 698, Hope, BC  V0X 1L0

If you know someone who would benefit from a WCTA membership, ie Turf Line News, annual conference, membership roster, job postings, CEC program, etc, have them visit our online sign-up page at


Laura Chaves - Olds College Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre
Dave Genio - City of Medicine Hat
Johnny Gosal - CC Equipment Sales
Graeme Hembruff - Town of Sidney
Cory Mossing - Olds College Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre
Dale Rongavilla - Valley View Memorial Gardens
Jim Vandermeer - Valley View Memorial Gardens

Do you want to see your name on this list or know someone who would?  CLICK HERE to join the WCTA right now!

Consider a contribution to turf research.  Member dues invoices include an area on the form to indicate a financial contribution from your facility.  The WCTA thanks everyone for supporting the projects that help support the turf industry! 

Sometimes we lose members too.  Thank you to all those who have supported the efforts of the WCTA over the years!

Dale Daniels - retired
Dr. Roy Goss - deceased
Ken Hilchey - retired
Wayne McCutcheon - retired
Jed McGeachie - greener pastures