Olds College Turf Program at Capacity

This installment of Olds College Campus News provides an update on enrollment, current students,  internships and field schools, as well as the Turf Science Certificate.

For our January intake this year, numbers have once again reached capacity with a healthy waiting list.  We’ve welcomed thirty-four new first year students this week and another twenty- seven 2nd year students back on campus.  Our Bachelor of Applied Science students topped 12 this year.

 Image courtesy Olds College.

As you see in the above photo, led by president Robbie Munroe, all current students are engaged in our turf club and will be getting to know each other in many club driven activities.  All together, we’re happy to have welcomed 70+ new and returning turfies back to campus!

The 2019 Olds College Turf Bowl Team has been assembled!  Renaldo Rolle, Ken Revoy, Scott Dillon, and Jordan Bodiguel will compete in San Diego this February.  Our team consists of 4th year BASc. students in their directed field studies.  As representatives of Olds College and Syngenta, they are afforded accommodation and flights to San Antonio for the duration of the GCSAA (GIS) Conference.  The team have been studying hard since the study guide came out in early November with hopes of reaching the podium among up to 77 other Turf Schools competing. 

Image courtesy Olds College.  8th place finish team in 2018, from left to right: Robert Balcom, Fergus Butt, Michael Davis, Andre Lens

A challenge for our Canadian cool season students, we will build upon our Canadian experience to include American products, species and challenges of warm season growing environments.  We will pursue a top ten finish, attempting to represent following our 8th place in 2018.  Watch for our social media presence as the competition approaches.

The next offering of the 100% online Turf Science Certificate began again on October 9th. The first of 3 levels of education offering a specialization in golf, Parks and Sportsturf, our intake this year has tripled since its first offering with twenty students enrolled, and approaching capacity.  If you are working full time, this accessible training program has been designed to meet your busy schedule. 

To learn more, check the Program Overview LINK at https://www.oldscollege.ca/continuing-education/land-environment/Turf-Science-Certificate/  

For more information about our Turfgrass diploma, and degree programs at Olds College, check out our website http://www.oldscollege.ca/programs/horticulture/turfgrass/

submitted by Jason Pick
Turf Management Instructor, Olds College