Olds College Campus News April 2019

Spring has sprung in Alberta, our students are preparing to get back on the golf course.  Their last day of classes lands on May 4th this year, taking a two week break before all 70 students begin their summer internships.

Over the next six months, students will complete both prescribed and self directed learning goals, each specifically prescribed to apply their theoretical training. 

Learning goals such as measuring course playability, fertility applications, environmental protection strategies, scheduling staff, and leadership goals will prepare them for real world application.  This “hands on” learning approach to  field schools, which has a great advantage over other diploma and degree programs where students need only be on campus 4 months of the year.

Image courtesy Olds College:  2019 Turf Club president Robbie Munroe, and Nolan Cox 

 Image courtesy Olds College: CGSA conference in Banff, Alberta 2019 

This year, the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association came to Banff Springs hotel for their annual conference. What may prove to be the last of its kind for the CGSA now partnering with PGA and the NGCOA, we would like to thank Dustin Zdan, and the staff who made our student attendance affordable and accessible!   For many, this the first conference for our turf students - and the program, speakers, and social events did not disappoint!  We thank the entire board, Lori, Barb, and Kathryn for helping create this incredible student experience. 

Students site visits and guest speakers  are an important part of the Turf programing at Olds College, adding perspectives of our local superintendents to compliment our programming. 

Image courtesy Olds College:  Canyon Meadows Golf Club, veteran superintendent Ken McKenzie 

Each year in March, to add value to our summer internships, the Turf Department hosts “Mentor Day”, where a full day of education and activity prepares superintendents for their summer interns.  Case study examples of summer learning goals, and CEU lectures bring mentor superintendents and course representatives from all over Alberta and BC, special thanks to the AGSA for motivating their members to attend! 

Our enrollment numbers into the diploma remain at capacity, maintaining a waiting list into 2020. If you are interested, get your application in!   The next offering of the 100% online Turf Science Certificate, will begin again in October.  The 3 levels of education offering a specialization in Golf, Parks and Sportsturf, with thirty four students enrolled.  If you are working full time,  this accessible training program has been designed to meet your busy schedule. 

 To learn more, check the Program Overview LINK.    

LINK - Turf Science Certificate 
LINK - Turfgrass Management Diploma
LINK - Golf Course Management Applied Degree

For more information about our Turfgrass diploma, and degree programs at Olds College, check out our website http://www.oldscollege.ca/programs/horticulture/turfgrass/ 

Submitted by Jason Pick
Turf Management Instructor, Olds College