WCTA Online Trade Show & Unprecedented Presentations’ (WOTS-UP!) - Speaker Bio's & Presentations

It’s a Statement not a Question – ‘WOTS-UP!’
WCTA Online Trade Show & Unprecedented Presentations’ (WOTS-UP!) virtual event to take place Feb 10-11, 2021 via Zoom

Speaker bio’s and presentation synopses:

Linda Edgecombe, Learning Edge Resources
'The Alive Workplace, Resilient Leadership in Crazy Times'

Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF is an award winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Trainer and Consultant.  Her footprint is seen and experienced around the world.  Her mission is to get people Fired up and Ready to Shift or Get off the Pot! Her non-BS approach is funny, refreshing, engaging, and relevant. 

She is a bestselling author and her promise is to help her audiences to create powerful shifts, become more accountable and build on momentum. Change has never been this sexy! 

She energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh.  Her audiences are motivated and show how they can shift their perspectives on life, work and themselves.  She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as an expert in shifting perspectives.  Currently, she gives advice to busy families and out of control work teams.  Her message is as welcomed as a deep belly laugh and as profound as an honest look in the mirror.

Dale Overton, Overton Environmental
'The Role of Micro-Organisms in Nutrient Cycling' & 'Organic Matter Breakdown - How it Relates to Core Aeration'

Dale Overton is founder and director of Overton Environmental Enterprises (OEE), a Winnipeg-based company that creates advanced biological products using principles founded in ecological engineering.  OEE works with some of the largest companies in the world by creating value added products from organic waste streams. Eco Tea is their premier biological amendment and is used in various industries including turf management, horticulture, agriculture, viticulture and many more. 

Synopsis:  Dale will be speaking on the functional roles of microbes involved in nutrient cycling, residue/organic matter management and disease suppression in urban, engineered and agricultural ecosystems.  He’ll pull this information together to help attendees understand how to use microbes to reduce inputs, without sacrificing yield or quality.  Dale will also present information gathered from various agronomic and academic environments including turf, tree care and agriculture.

BC: 0.5 IPM landscape/dispenser
AB: N/A (1 hour minimum to qualify)

Andreas Wins-Purdy and Margot Hollinger, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
'IPM Act Compliance Report – Results of 2020 Golf Course Audit, Lessons Learned, and Preparing for an Inspection'

Andreas Wins-Purdy is currently a Section Head for the Compliance Team of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.  His role encompasses the verification and enforcement of compliance for the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation, including sector-wide audits, and the promotion of best practices with industry pesticide users.  Andreas has been with the Ministry in the Integrated Pest Management Program for twelve years, and is a member of the BC Institute of Agrologists.  Prior to that, he completed a master’s degree jointly through the University of Alberta and the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in Summerland, working on the control of the oblique-banded leafroller using sprayable pheromones and horticultural oils.

Margot Hollinger works as an IPM Officer for the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy out of the Penticton office.

Synopsis:  Andreas and Margot will co-present an update on Integrated Pest Management Act compliance.  Topics covered will include a general overview of pesticide regulation in BC, how sector audits under the IPM Act are conducted, and the results of the ministry’s 2020 unlicensed golf course audit and lessons learned.  We will also discuss enforcement actions under the IPM Act and how they are used, highlight some specific things to be aware of when preparing for an inspection by a ministry inspector, and have a question and answer period to address any questions from the audience.

BC: 1.0 Safety & Environment landscape/dispenser
AB: 1 PEST MANAGEMENT (application in progress)

Bob Oppold, International Sports Turf Research Center
‘Managing Your Rootzone’

Bob Oppold is the Vice President of Research & Development at International Sports Turf Research Center, Inc., [ISTRC], and the Chief Operating Officer of ISTRC New Mix Lab, LLC. [NML].  ISTRC specializes in the evaluation of undisturbed core samples from existing greens, sports fields, tees, and other venues where turf is grown under stress. 

Mr. Oppold has been in the industry since 1974, and has written over 2,000 ISTRC reports and tested thousands of different types of raw materials. His research work has included field work and the analysis of the properties of most of the commercially available peats, composts, and inorganic amendments.  He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Iowa College of Law.

Synopsis:   Bob’s talk focusses on creating soil physical properties to enhance water movement and improve oxygen availability.  He’ll ask and answer the question, “What factors affect the physical foundation of your soil Rootzone?”

 Dr. Jesse Benelli, Bayer
'History and Discovery of Fungicide Chemistries'

Based in Guelph, ON, Dr. Benelli is the Green Solutions Specialist for Bayer Environmental Science in Canada, responsible for providing technical expertise to golf course turf managers, the transition of new products from development to market, and supporting the industry as a whole through thought leadership and education.

Dr. Benelli is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State Turfgrass Program and received his MS and PhD degrees from the University of Tennessee.  Prior to joining Bayer, Dr. Benelli worked at several golf courses throughout the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest.  Most recently, he was the Director of Turfgrass Programs for the Chicago District Golf Association where he consulted with more than 400 member clubs throughout the region.

Synopsis:  The discovery and characterization of fungicide chemistry continues to evolve. From the earliest known fungicides in the 1700’s to modern chemistry, these products continue to shape how we grow our crops and maintain our turf. Attendees will also learn about the various target and non-target effects fungicides can have on the turfgrass and surrounding biological communities.

BC: 0.5 IPM landscape/dispenser
AB: N/A (1 hour minimum to qualify)

Rob Au, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
'Current Focus on IPM from the Ministry’s Perspective – What’s Working and What Can Be Improved'

Rob Au is the IPM Licence Officer with the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy. He works to ensure pesticide certification material is up-to-date and that individuals and businesses have the appropriate pesticide authorization. In his previous role in municipal government, he has had experience in invasive vegetation control with emphasis on using biological control options. Rob holds a M.Sc. in Biological Sciences where his research addressed how trees respond to and record climatic variations in central Canada. He has written scientific articles, technical reports and currently writes IPM educational material for those studying to become pesticide applicators or dispensers.

Synopsis:  Rob will present on an update to the changes to IPM certification process implemented over the past year. This will include how the certification system has improved following implementation of our new exam software & process of ordering study materials. This year has facilitated more opportunities for obtaining continuing education credits online. The talk will also cover the new process for pesticide licence renewals.  

BC: 0.5 Safety & Environment landscape/dispenser
AB: N/A (1 hour minimum to qualify)


WOTS-UP! is free for WCTA members to attend!  Non-WCTA members from all turf management sectors are invited to participate for $267+gst, coincidentally, the same price as a 2021 membership!