Target Products: Your Partner In Quality

12.01.19-target-prod-logoThe key to success in any endeavor is quality control and Canadian-owned Target Products has made a firm commitment to the quality of its products since 1961.

Today this company is part of the QUIKRETE® group of companies with plants in Canada, USA and representatives in South America and the Pacific Rim. Their factories produce and supply concrete and aggregate blends abrasives and sands for use in various industries, including, mining, golf and "do-it-yourself". In addition they have several state of the art mobile plants which can be relocated to serve large projects worldwide.

No matter where the products are made, Target maintains top quality control and quality assurance firmly backing every product they make using both in-house quality control programs and independent laboratory cross checks. Even the mobile plants are equipped with laboratories to ensure the highest quality on every job they do.

The “in-house” approach also extends to everything from equipment design and fabrication, to mix design and product development. Not surprisingly, Target Products' technical staff are very involved in new product development. The direct contact between their marketing and technical groups results in a product development process that can deliver state-of-the-art materials to the end user quickly and with confidence. Bottom line... at Target Products they take it as their mandate to deliver the most up-to-date quality products at reasonable prices.
12.01.19-Target-trailerOne of Target's Mobile Plants

And that is nowhere more true than in the golf and sports field division. Producing and distributing a full range of materials for golf greens maintenance and construction requirements, they supply bunker sands, fairway blends, golf course greens, tee mixes, and specialty root zone blends.

USGA specifications are guaranteed for sand/peat blending, topdressing sand for golf greens, choker materials, pea gravel, fairway blended products, divot mixes and bunker sands.

Golf And Sports Field Specific Products... Bunker Sands - Target's bunker sands superior quality golf course sands meet USGA Guidelines and offer premium playability. Available in Bimini Tan, Baha Tan and Navajo White.

Compost Blends - Target has partnered with one of the leading compost manufactures in the golf industry Nature's Gold to bring you exclusive blends to meet USGA or your personal specifications. These blends have been tested at the leading labs in Canada and the US to give you the benefits of a blend with compost, but resist compaction and allow drainage to USGA standards.

Target Green Divot Mix - Target has a 85/15 USGA Sand Sphagnum Peat Blend that is available in ~2000 lb Super Sack that will repair 8000 divots.

Whichever Target product you need, they will source, ship, blend and deliver materials to your site where their portable blending machines and mobile labs guarantee your blending specification and issue quality control reports to verify the mix to its percolation, pH, sieve analysis and blended density.

Primary Contact: Scott Mitchell
Tel: 1-800-575-7700
Cell: 604-614-7875