Puddicombe Golf: Professional Golf Course Design And Construction Since 1981

12.01.19-Sid-PuddicombeHS200Sid PuddicombePuddicombe Golf is well known for their vast experience in all facets of golf course development and operations. What may not be as well known is that the company is really a family affair with patriarch Sid Puddicombe being joined by sons Grant, Mark and Tod.

Recalls Grant, "Sid has been in the business since 1947 so he's golfed a few more rounds than the rest of us. Still he didn't have to twist any arms to have us join him in the business. We grew up on golf courses."

Each son has found a focus and area of expertise. Grant is Managing Director of the family company and also Managing Partner of the Puddicombe designed RedTail Landing GC. Brother Mark is Manager, Construction Services with expertise in construction management, supervision and course shaping. Tod is Projects Co-Ordinator and responsible for developing and implementing the programs for Puddicombe Golf clients.

Sid is proud of the family's accomplishments, "We've been in business since 1981 and each of us specializes in a different aspect of the golf business. Golf is our passion, from consulting and business plans to design and construction. And we still occasionally have time for a round of golf."

12.01.19 Puddicombe_sons453From L To R: Sons Grant, Mark & Tod Still it is for their course design that the Edmonton based company is best known and Sid has some very strong ideas of what matters, "The objective of Puddicombe Golf has always been to create an interesting test of golf where your players will remember each and every hole, use every club in their bag and willingly return. It is important to create a smooth flow of play and not discourage the recreational players with unreasonable tests on their abilities."

It should come as no surprise that clients' give glowing testimonials. Says Jason Rasmuson, Project Coordinator for the recently opened Coal Creek, "Working with the Puddicombes on the Coal Creek Project has been a terrific experience. Their advantage of in-house design & architecture allow for an easier transition to the construction phase, where an outstanding staff use their expertise to create an exceptional golf landscape."

Primary Contact: Grant Puddicombe

Tel: 780-955-8906

Email: info@puddicombegolf.com

Website: www.puddicombegolf.com