Good News on Rounds Played

14.06.05-NGCOA.logoGood News on ROUNDS PLAYED Continues For Most of Canada! Western Canada Still Leading; Ontario and Quebec Slightly Above Average; Atlantic Canada Struggling to Recover from Slow Start.

The National Golf Course Owners Association Canada (NGCOA Canada) has released its “Rounds Played and Weather Reports” up to July 1, and the results continue to be encouraging overall. Click on the attached for the full report.

Nationally, golf rounds played are up by 19% year-over-year and 10% above the 3 year average. The year-over-year numbers at the end of June continue to impress especially in Western Canada, with Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba showing rounds played over 20% above the 3 year average, followed by BC up 8%. Ontario and Quebec rounds were down slightly in June compared to last year, reducing their year-to-date success from earlier in the season but still positive. Atlantic Canada continues to lag as they struggle to recover from the late spring and some challenging turf conditions.

Of the 49 major regional markets surveyed, only 14 are showing a decline in total rounds to date when compared to the 3 year average, and only 12 are down compared to the 2014 golf season.

“Nationally, the month of June wasn’t quite as strong as the early season results, but still up 3.8% over June 2014 and 2.6% over the 3 year average”, states NGCOA Canada CEO Jeff Calderwood. “That’s still great news for the Canadian golf industry, while the year-to-date results remain stronger all the way from BC right through Quebec.” 

The accompanying Weather Score, measuring the impact of local weather on each participating golf course, continued to correlate closely with the regional success stories. Throughout western Canada, most golf courses reported significantly better than average golf weather. The rest of the country reported golf weather impact that was relatively average for the month of June.

The NGCOA Canada “Rounds Played and Weather Reports” are derived from monthly surveys of golf course data throughout Canada, segmented into National, Provincial and Regional Reports. Each monthly report tracks the month-to-date and year-to-date for the current year and the 3 year average. Those statistics are presented in actual rounds played and the % change.

The Regional Reports are sent to each participating golf course with custom data to compare their own Rounds Played Report with the group data of golf courses in their local competitive market. The National and Provincial Reports are published by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada for industry-wide use.

All golf courses are encouraged to participate so that the growing sample size can be further segmented into more detailed reporting.