Sports Turf Management and Maintenance Course

13.02.02-Desk On_Football_FieldSports Turf Management and Maintenance Course
April 29 to May 2, 2013, University of Guelph

The Sports Turf Association returns to the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA) Annual Professional Development Program to present the Sports Turf Management and Maintenance Course April 29 to May 2, 2013 at the University of Guelph, ON.

The four‐day STA developed course will be instructed by Dr. Eric Lyons, Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science at the University of Guelph, home of the world class Guelph Turfgrass Institute. It has been designed to introduce the latest principles and techniques of managing and maintaining sports turf. The course will be of interest to those who manage or maintain sports turf, other turf areas, and those who wish to develop additional knowledge and skills in this sector. The course offers a range of options to deal with issues such as restricted pesticide use, restricted water use, and how best to manage with limited financial resources.

The Sports Turf Management and Maintenance Course is the only such course recognized for the Certified Parks Technician Accreditation Program of the ORFA and has been submitted for recognition for CEU's for the Sports Turf Managers Association's Certified Sports Field Managers program and the IPM Council of Canada’s IPM Accreditation Program.

In the world of turf, we are the professionals dedicated solely to the promotion of better, safer sports turf. Our roots go back to 1987 when after a brain storming session at the University of Guelph a broad segment of the turf industry endorsed its need. Of particular concern at that meeting was the need to minimize and avoid injury to participants using athletic fields where they relate to sports turf. Twenty‐five years later the Sports Turf Association continues to promote better, safer sports turf through innovation, education and professional programs. Visit for more information or contact the STA office at 519.763.9431,