Sports Turf Canada Dissolves Partnership Agreement

by WCTA Staff

On March 8, 2024, Sports Turf Canada (STC) Directors voted to dissolve the decade plus long partnership agreement with the Western Canada Turfgrass Association (WCTA).  READ MORE


No Matter Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail, Metro-Vancouver Water Restrictions Begin May 1

From: Gillian White [] Sent: March 27, 2024 3:14 PMSubject: Drinking Water Conservation Plan – Annual Watering Restrictions Begin May 1This email was sent on behalf of Vanessa Anthony  READ MORE  

Water Restriction Advocacy Underway

By Jerry Rousseau In response to last year’s well water restrictions imposed by the BC Provincial Government, the Allied Golf Association of BC (AGA-BC) is ramping up advocacy efforts in hopes of learning more about the decision making and implementation process used by authorities, to outline golf industry efforts toward water conservation and offer assistance with future province wide conservation strategies such as the use of approved water management plans.  READ MORE  

CTRF Future Certainly Uncertain

By Jerry Rousseau At the risk of upsetting a few apples, it’s time that professional golf and sportsturf managers are made aware that the future of the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) is not looking so good.  READ MORE  

WCTA Supports Turf Managers by Investing In 2024 Research Projects

The WCTA Board is pleased to announce it will continue supporting important and valuable turf research in 2024.  Based on funds raised in 2023, cash available to the Research Committee for new project funding is $23,377.  READ MORE  

More Photos From the 60th Anniversary Conference

We recently received day 3 photos of our 60th Anniversary Conference and Trade Show from the photographer.  There were 242 images in this latest batch and we can't post them all but here's a few top pics.  READ MORE  


April 3, 2024 Effective immediately, the mailing address of the Western Canada Turfgrass Association has changed to the following:  READ MORE  

Dues are Due

April 3, 2024 Dear WCTA Members,  READ MORE  

2024 AGM Minutes

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING60th Anniversary WCTA Conference & Trade Show12:00 pm Thursday, February 15, 2024, Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria BC  READ MORE