British Columbia Legislature Golf Awareness Day 2014

13.02.10-AGA-BC1May 1, 2014
Morgan Gibbens (British Columbia Golf)

Golf is more than just a game. It’s an industry in British Columbia that impacts the lives of residents environmentally, economically and physically; and growing the game that many British Columbians are already so passionate about can only help to strengthen the province in these areas.

That is the message that the Allied Golf Association of British Columbia (AGA-BC), aimed to convey to members of provincial legislature on April 30, during the 2014 British Columbia Legislature Golf Awareness Day.

Alliance members met with a number of Ministers and their staff to raise awareness of the positive impacts of the golf industry and to strengthen relationships for increased government partnership in the future.

AGA-BC representatives met with Mary Polak, Minister of Environment, in order to discuss the benefits of golf courses as green spaces. Courses can provide refuge for wildlife, often in the middle of cities, and have been taking steps towards becoming as environmentally responsible as possible regarding the use of pesticides needed for maintenance. The golf industry is working with the ministry to regulate and implement new standards in this area. In addition, courses are now being used for environmental education with programs such as The First Green “Links as Labs” program. representatives Trisha Larson (left) and Trevor Smith (right) flank Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism Naomi Yamamoto during a luncheon held for MLA's

Golf has an incredible economic impact in the province on British Columbia. AGA-BC representatives met with Minister Naomi Yamamoto’s staff ensure the Ministry of State for Small Business and Tourism was conscious of the significance of the industry. Golf in British Columbia is responsible for 47,000 jobs in the province and generating $417.2 million tax dollars. Going forward, the AGA-BC hopes to give rise to more tourism in British Columbia from around the world.

Many members of legislature were well aware of the health and wellness benefits of the active game of golf, but AGA-BC representatives stressed the significance of early education programs such as Playground to Fairway and SOAR in order to get kids active early. The hope of the AGA-BC is that with support of government, participation in golf can be increased among school-aged children from all over the province.

Through Golf Awareness Day, British Columbia Golf as part of the AGA-BC, was successful communicating its message from the golf industry; growth of the game of benefits British Columbia in so many ways and can help build a healthy, thriving community.

AGA-BC Thanks Burnaby-Deer Lake MLA Kathy Corrigan

Dear Kathy,  

It was a sincere pleasure to meet you this week and on behalf of the Allied Golf Association of BC, we would like to express our great appreciation for the opportunity to share our 2014 Golf Industry Scorecard with you.  

Golf is good for British Columbians – good for our health, good for the environment and good for our economy.   

I am truly proud of our Allied Golf Association of British Columbia providing one cohesive voice for the golf industry.  As their president, I welcome any comments and suggestions toward this great industry of ours and am always available to you to answer any questions and provide information.

Once again, thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to meet with us.


Trevor Smith President AGA-BC
Tel. 250-320-6411