BC Sportsturf Field Day Sets Records

By the numbers, the recent sportsturf field day hosted by the Township of Langley was the most successful WCTA summer event held in the past decade.

Partnering with Sports Turf Canada, nearly 200 turf management industry personnel were in attendance including delegates, speakers, demonstrators and exhibitor staff with 31 booths of trade show space presenting all forms of turf industry equipment, supplies and services.

The full day program began with three morning talks: slope mowing safety, crumb rubber and an update on the chafer beetle.  

 A full house as WCTA President, Peter Sorokovsky (front left) welcomes the delegation.

Then came a barbecue lunch followed by dedicated trade show time in the afternoon and three demonstration stations that included slope mowing, mound maintenance and exclusive sponsor Wood Bay’s FDS 9200 high speed turf dethatcher.



Thank you Kevin Neufeld and the Corix Team for an incredible job of feeding close to 200 people in less than an hour!  

Myles Kraft from Wood Bay and the FDS 9200 de-thatcher.

A special treat, for most delegates this was a first look at the ‘Spider’ remote controlled slope mower courtesy Interior Turf Equipment and Spider Canada. 

Mike Hebrard is not only an expert at mound maintenance, he paints a pretty mean Township of Langley logo (background)

The afternoon wound down with some additional equipment demos from a few of the trade show exhibitors such as de-thatching and fraise mowing.

Anne Baliva, Sports Turf Canada Executive Director commented, “We were fortunate to have very knowledgeable presenters, good weather and generous exhibitors and sponsors.  And what about that BBQ lunch that was generously provided by Corix Water Products!”

The summer field day comes on the heels of a very successful partnership between the two groups last year in Calgary with over 150 in attendance and 18 exhibitors participating at the New Brighton Field complex hosted by Norley Calder. 

Peter Sorokovsky, WCTA President noted, “We’re finding a great need for education and networking directed toward sportsturf management staff from the front line to management and are extremely pleased we could work with STC to deliver this valuable and affordable programming.”

CLICK HERE to download the full list of exhibitors and event sponsors.

Thank you for your support of this event!

 There’s always one in every crowd, thanks for the comic relief Duane!