Western Canada Turfgrass Association

Research • Education • Discussion

Mandate & Purpose

The Western Canada Turfgrass Association has over 700 members who are interested in further education, turfgrass research and the exchange information related to turfgrass management.

The members represent a diversity of interest such as golf courses, school boards, municipalities, sod farms, nurseries, landscapers, lawn bowling greens, and the trade which supplies the industry.

The organization is actively involved in the promotion and support of research, education and discussion in turfgrass management. The following are some of the activities of the Association:

The Turf Line News (TLN): The TLN is a magazine that is sent to all members. It contains news of coming events, Association activities, current research, mechanics page, employment notices, advertising, general information as well as articles of interest to the membership. The TLN is published every other month (6 times per year).

Annual Conference: The Association sponsors a three day Conference covering many areas in turfgrass management. The Conference, including an extensive Exhibitors' Display, is held in late February at various locations in British Columbia. It provides an opportunity not only to hear up-to-date presentations on turfgrass management subjects, but also to meet and exchange experiences with others having the same interests. Many of the formal presentations are published in the Turf Line News after the Conference.

Traveling Annual Road Show (TARS): These popular events are held in various locations in all five regions of BC 1-2 times annually. The WCTA brings in speaker/s to address turfgrass issues and generally provide WCTA members an opportunity to collect more CEC's (see #8). In addition, updates to the WCTA Research Program are communicated. Any profits from the TARS events are donated to the WCTA Research.

Research Program: The Association grants assistance to institutional turfgrass research projects and member demonstration projects; and promotes the availability of the resulting information. All current members will receive the Annual Research Report for the previous year. 10% of all Association dues collected is donated directly to turfgrass research in addition to others special funds generated by the Association.

Membership Directory: In August each year all WCTA members are sent a current directory including: members' name, organization, addresses, phone, fax numbers and email. This list is distributed only to members.

Networking: WCTA provides an opportunity for turfgrass professionals to network with other professionals. A special networking program and information is provided for turfgrass equipment Mechanics.
Employment Network Service: Via email the WCTA sends information on job openings in issues of the Turf Line News and also in timely mailings. Advertising for employees is free for WCTA members.

BC Pesticide Applicator’s Certificate Recertification: Members of the WCTA may enroll in the WCTA record keeping for their Recertification. The WCTA will offer several presentations around BC during the year, in addition to presentations at the Annual Conference, to provide an opportunity to obtain "Continuing Education Credits" toward their recertification by CEC’s.

WCTA Web Site: www.wctaturf.com is updated on a regular basis to provide information on WCTA and allied association events, TLN advertisers, links, WCTA Research projects, and summaries of final research reports.

The Assocation can benefit you. The membership dues are only $231.75 per annum or $66.95 for a full time student. Your support for this worthwhile organization of turfgrass professionals is respectfully solicited.