50th Anniversary Tourney Turns Out Amazing

By Jerry Rousseau

The BCGSA Interior Chapter's 50th Anniversary Golf Tournament, hosted by Larry Olson and the Penticton Golf Club, could not have turned out better.  Retro-themed, the 5-man team scramble took place September 29th with a full field of golf industry personnel from the BC Interior and beyond dressed in plus-fours and plaid sweater vests while hitting ancient hickory shafted mashies and 50’s persimmon drivers. 

On a day that started out warm and sunny and then turned a little cooler and wet, everywhere you looked there was a lot going on and nothing but smiling faces.  Several of the old guard showed up to volunteer at action stations including Ashley LeGeyt, Craig Lewis, Dave Sullivan, Richard Krahn and a few others.  While a total wasn’t available at the time of writing, a lot of money was raised for charity and the golf industry betterment fund from the generous donors and sponsors.

No offense to anyone who has ever put on an event but of everything I've attended, this was the best for so many reasons; hopefully the following photos explain why.  Congratulations to the chapter, everyone involved with planning including Jeff Bennett, Warren Blue and many others, all the players, the lowest scoring team from the lower mainland of Steve Haggard, Steve Peardon and a few other sandbaggers and of course the eventual superintendent winner, Alex Inglis from Rivershore in Kamloops.  


Up for grabs – 76 Old Cutlass, classic hole-in-one prize!

Pre-game warmup

Nothing like the sound of bagpipes before a round of golf.

They’re smiling because they know the cooler to their left is spiked

Host, Larry Olson goes over the rules.

Say cheese everybody.

You’re #1 Larry Olson!

They still got it!  Ashley Legeyt (above) and Craig Lewis (below) share opening ceremonial drive duties.

A little more piping never hurts.


Larry O gunning a hickory shafted 4-iron from 153 out (it was into the wind) 

Thanks BrettyYoung for lunch and bevy’s 

Nick Comazzano gets 2 out of 3 into the Charity Chip loader bucket.

How much fun is shooting a golf ball 350 yards with an air cannon?  Just ask Richard, Margaret and everyone who played in the tournament (for a $25 donation per group).

Is this thing loaded?  Yes, like most everyone that day. Looking fowrard to a great meal. 

We are the champions!  Oh wait, sorry guys, you have to be from the Interior to win the Interior Chapter trophy but if you hurry, you’ll be first in the prize table line (below)  

The real winning team above.  Below, Alex Inglis accepting the trophy from Warren Blue.  Maybe give it a little wipe down Alex, I think those other guys were already drinking from it.