Fines Up To $10k Possible for Moving Green Waste Out of Regulated Area

Japanese beetle update courtesy BC Landscape Nursery Association.

Temporary Transfer Station Established In Regulated Area 

The City of Vancouver has established a temporary transfer station at 1st Ave and Wylie for residential and commercial green waste. All landscapers working within the Regulated Area (see map for boundries below) must dispose of green waste at the temporary transfer station. 

Removing restricted articles from the regulated area and disposing at another transfer station could aid in the spread of the Japanese beetle. If the Japanese beetle spreads outside of Vancouver, there will be serious repercussions. Similar to the European Chafer Beetle, the Japanese Beetle will cause similar destruction to lawns and 300+ host plants.

Landscaper companies are starting to use the temporary transfer site; however, more landscapers need to be encouraged to use the site if they have sites in the regulated area. Please share the information with others working in the area.

Fines for Violating Movement Restrictions 

When incidences of non-compliance is observed, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will follow the Agency's Compliance and Enforcement Operational Policy. Possible fines of $500 to $10,000 can be issued for violations committed while Movement Restriction are in effect.

Green Waste Disposal Tips for Using The Temporary Transfer Station 

Certain special considerations must be taken prior to arriving at the disposal site:

1. Separate plants from root balls

2. Keep soil separate from plant parts

3. Knock as much soil off of plants and transfer as little soil as possible to the transfer station; keep as much soil on your client's site as possible.

4. Try to limit load sizes; disposal costs are higher at the transfer station to cover higher operating costs.

Hours of Operation: 

Monday to Friday - Noon to 6:00 pm 

Visit for more details on the temp. transfer station...