British Columbia Golf Partners with USGA to Rollout Resource Management Tool

by WCTA Staff

British Columbia Golf is pleased to be working with the USGA as one of the first jurisdictions to move forward with their new golf course Resource Management Tool.

This product was first unveiled at the 2017 USGA Innovation Symposium in Vancouver.  Since that time the USGA has been refining the tool and introducing more capabilities.  The tool allows golf course operators:

ability to customize the course map and resources.
perform “what-if” scenarios based on changes in design or maintenance profiles.
detailed reporting of resource consumption.
advanced weather information, including growing degree days.
track hole location and generate sophisticated hole location sheets.

According to the USGA brochure, “Golfer heatmaps on the USGA Facility tool can tell you where your players are going – and more importantly - where they are not going.  You can prioritize the areas that most impact golfer experience and save money on the areas that get less play.”

Throughout the 2019 season, British Columbia Golf will be working with facilities and the USGA to complete the tracking and uploading of the data into the Resource Management Tool.  BCGolf has also applied to the National Sport Trust Fund so that tax receipts can be issued for funding from foundations or individuals who wish to support land use and/or environmental projects.