Allied Golf Association of BC Newsletter Sign-Up

By WCTA Staff

If your career relates to the BC Golf Course industry in any way, you might consider signing up for the AGA-BC e-newsletter.  Whether you work in turf care, the pro shop, club management, industry supply chain, education, research, marketing, retail or even food and beverage, it’s a smart move to stay abreast of industry happenings that could affect you.

For those who don’t know, the Allied Golf Association of British Columbia has been working in the background for about a decade and represents a strong effort to bring together multiple golf industry sectors to discuss common issues, collaborate, lobby, grow the game and generally, keep up with all issues affecting golf.

Other provinces have similar groups and the National Allied Golf Association (NAGA) was created to perform a similar function at the national level. Ideally, all these groups would be connected but it’s not quite there yet.

AGA-BC currently includes five member associations: 

British Columbia Golf / Golf Canada – Kris Jonasson and Blair Armitage
British Columbia Golf Marketing Alliance – Trisha Larsen and Andy Hedley
British Columbia Golf Course Superintendents Association – Jamie Robb and Brett Finlayson
Canadian Society of Club Managers – Mike Whalen and Ken Oleschuk
Western Canada Turfgrass Association – Trevor Smith and Jerry Rousseau

Unique to BC, the AGA acts as a conduit for $250,000 in cooperative golf marketing funding through TourismBC.  This amount has grown mainly through efforts of the BC Golf Marketing Alliance however it would not have been possible without the existence of AGA-BC.

The group is currently planning its fifth ‘Golf Awareness Day’ where industry representatives present to MLA’s in Victoria on a number of golf related subjects including economic impact to the province, health and wellness benefits of golf, positive environmental impacts and so on. It’s also a time to talk about issues and regulations potentially affecting golf like pesticides, water and more recently, the roll-over protection requirement for golf cars put forward by WorksafeBC.

AGA isn’t asking for money, only your attention.  Its newsletters tend to come out when needed so email inboxes won’t be inundated with commercials.  To sign-up, CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the AGA-BC homepage for the form.