COVID-19 Best Practices Documents for Turf Managers Released

Release May 1, 2020

Two comprehensive Best Practices documents have been created in support of professional sports turf managers working through the COVID-19 outbreak.  The first, published by the Allied Golf Association of British Columbia (AGA-BC) on April 20 and updated April 29, covers clubhouse/pro shop operations, food and beverage and turf care for golf courses while the second, posted today by the Western Canada Turfgrass Association (WCTA), focusses on operational challenges of sportsfield managers and personnel.

Over the past five weeks, the WCTA was extensively involved in both initiatives, recognizing that while there was much cross-over between turf management sectors, distinct differences necessitated separate approaches.

WCTA Executive Director Jerry Rousseau commented, “The amount of effort put in by everyone involved to complete these resources was impressive.  We were fortunate AGA-BC took the lead role on the golf side and that we had an opportunity to be a major part of the process.  It would have been much more difficult for us to produce the sportsfield BMP’s without a template.”

The AGA-BC ‘COVID-19 Protection - Best Practices for Responsible Operation of BC Golf Courses’ is posted at the following link:  

The WCTA ‘Best Practice Guideline for Responsible Operation of Sportsfield Facilities’ can be found at the following link: