July Proclaimed Smart Irrigation Month

16.07.018-Smart.irrigation.smallBy Terry Ormrod

The world we live in today is much different than the one we grew up in 30-40 years ago. Different than just 5 years ago. And it’s going to keep changing at an ever growing pace. I grew up in the lower Fraser Valley and irrigation as I remember it was nothing more than the farmers hoping for rain, and the odd house with a garden hose and a sprinkler on the end of it.

Much of the province saw a whole lot more irrigation than we did, and what they had in place fueled our provinces agricultural industry, golf tourism business, outdoor sporting events, as well as bringing on the beauty of the residential landscape. Back then being concerned about the efficient use of water for irrigation was not something that got the front page of any newspaper.  It was all about green grass, bountiful harvests, and the good roll on the ball.

Today we all want and need those same results, but with a twist. Do it with less water. Much less water. And do it with conviction. To bring this message to light we have a flag we would like to fly.

Earlier in the spring, the City of Kamloops had authored a Proclamation that July will be “Smart Irrigation Month” in The City of Kamloops.  This is an Irrigation Association initiative brought about a few years back in the US. Very soon after that, the Province of British Columbia proclaimed July as “Smart Irrigation Month” throughout BC.

16.07.18-Smart.irrigation.lgHaving these messages delivered from one end of the province to the other can do nothing but help all the stakeholders recognize the need for improvement, search out the answers, implement change, and share successes. Please join me in spreading the word of “Smart Irrigation Month” to as many of these stakeholders as you are in contact with. Place the logo on your email signature. Insert it into your newsletters. Post it at the front counter. Just that alone will stimulate the conversation.

And of course congratulations to the Province of British Columbia for being the first Province in Canada to sign such a proclamation, and to the City of Kamloops for being the first city in BC to do so. Well done.

Terry Ormrod is a current member and Past President of IIABC, current board member of CPCIA and a current member of the WCTA.