Online IPM Resource for Turf Managers Nearly Complete

A major rewrite to the IPM Manual for Turfgrass Managers, originally a resource produced in partnership between the WCTA and the BC Ministry of Agriculture in the early 2000's, is nearing completion.

Funded entirely by a $35,000 grant from the BC Ministry of Environment, work began in the fall of 2016 after an RFP for the rewrite was circulated.  CropHealth Advising and Research, Mario Lanthier Principal, was awarded the contract to produce this free, online resource, the creation of which is being steered by the BC Allied Golf Association's 'Environmental Advocacy Committee'.

The manual’s completion was anticipated in the summer of 2017 but work took longer than expected.  As of June 15, the sections are completed on weeds (weed management) and insects (insect management) and the contractor is currently finishing the final draft for diseases (disease management).

The material is being prepared as stand-alone flyers with colour pictures.  The information is technical and written for professionals in the industry.  The pictures will help with diagnostic and the reader can continue searching on the web for more information.

Mario Lanthier stated, “Later this month individual flyers will be sent to superintendents for their comments (we want to make sure the information is relevant and realistic).  Our company is expecting to deliver the full package during July.”