Use Caution When Working With Turf

Finding Japanese beetle on a turf farm would be catastrophic, so manage the risk to your supplier by minimizing the chance to move Japanese beetle:

1.  If you have been working in the regulated area, or even if you have just been passing through the regulated area, check your truck for Japanese beetle passengers as you leave.

2.  Cover the load of turf with a tarp so it gets to the destination without any hitchhikers.

3.  Use up all the sod, or the excess will need to go to the temporary transfer station at 1st and Wylie. It can not go back to the turf farm if it has been anywhere near the regulated area. 

4.  Turf suppliers may no longer take any returns due to the high risk to their business. Many landscape plant suppliers are no longer taking returns due to the high risk of moving Japanese beetles into their site.

Source:  BCLNA

Report Any Potential Japanese Beetle Sightings to CFIA

1. You must provide a close-up and clear photo of the pest.
2. Note the time and the precise location.
3. Note how many were found.
4. Roses are most susceptible so check there first!
5. Send it to along with your contact information. 
6. CFIA will call you to verify your submission only if you have sent a photo.

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