OGSA Releases Impressive Video

Via Ontario Golf Superintendents Association

The Ontario Golf Superintendents Association recently released a 2 minute, 30 second video called ‘Today in Ontario’, embodying the role of golf course superintendents and the environmental benefits golf courses bring to our communities.

The ‘Today in Ontario’ campaign is about taking a step back and acknowledging the cumulative impact that golf and golf courses have on our environment, on wildlife, on people and our communities. Superintendents, and their teams, are such an important component of the overwhelmingly positive impact the game of golf has, every day, on courses.  

As a sport and recreation activity, golf stands alone in the positive ripple effect that the game has on people, environments and wildlife. This is the purpose of the campaign: to bring awareness to this aggregate positive impact.  

Each day, millions of calories are burned on golf courses as friends and family members create lasting memories on wonderful golf courses that are maintained by Superintendents and their teams. Thousands and thousands of hectares of green spaces are protected, thousands of kilometres of habitats safeguarded, and hundreds of thousands of species thrive on golf courses that are manicured and maintained by Superintendents and their teams.  Often the unsung heroes, this campaign helps us all recognize the passion, dedication and professionalism of Superintendents in Ontario and across the country. 

Editor’s note:  Well done OGSA and congratulations!  It's important we let people know the great environmental benefits of golf courses and the excellent work of those who look after them.