Marijuana On the Golf Course - A Whole New Meaning to the Term 'Pot Bunker'

via British Columbia Golf Association

British Columbia Golf is currently surveying our membership seeking input on the use of marijuana on golf course. The response has been very strong and the survey has been picked up by media outlets across the province. Below you will find information relative to the survey. 

The link below is a story run on Global’s NewsHour on Sunday evening. 

What was the intent of the survey?

Our publishing partner Inside Golf had conducted a survey of the club managers across the province and found that only one-in-five golf clubs in BC had developed a policy about marijuana use, so we felt that finding out how the golfers felt might be of help to them.

How have golfers responded?

So far we have almost 4000 golfers from across the province take part.*
*Editor's note - at Sep 5 this number had climbed to over 5000.

What are some of the more interesting results you have seen so far?

There have been some surprising results...

More than half of golfers under the age of 35 said they plan to smoke marijuana on the course. That drops to less than one-in-ten for those 55 and over.

The under 35's also tend to view smoking cannabis the same as drinking either alcohol or smoking tobacco/cigars with two-thirds seeing it that way while that point of view drops to one-third for the over 55's.

At the member-run clubs, there is definitely a desire among the members to be involved in the process of deciding the policies for marijuana use with 80% wanting to have some input.

How can other golfers participate?

You can go to our website and follow the link. The survey only takes 2-3 minutes.

Where and when will complete results be published?

Complete results of the survey will appear in the upcoming issue of British Columbia Golf's digital magazine, The Scorecard which the public can also sign up to receive by following the link on our website.

I am happy to provide more information or to talk on air should you need additional information.


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