List of WCTA Industry Members

12.04.24-WCTAlogo-grassonly.jpgMost WCTA Members probably don't realize the impact turf industry suppliers have in the support and success of our association.  About 18% of our members are suppliers of goods and/or services to the sportsturf mangement industry. 

The following individuals are active supporters and members of the WCTA and we hope you will support them in return:
(if you don't see your name listed here, let Leslie know at

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Olds College Horticulture Program Under Review

By Jerry Rousseau

This past June, Olds College officials circulated a memo amongst faculty and staff stating School of Environment programs were under review including Horticulture offerings.  The review comes on the heels of an Alberta government budget cutback which reduced the college’s program government funding by 7% and includes all programs listed in the School of Environment related to the Horticulture industry: LGAP, Environmental Horticulture, Production Horticulture, B.App. Science (all three majors), and Turfgrass Management.

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