July Proclaimed Smart Irrigation Month

16.07.018-Smart.irrigation.smallBy Terry Ormrod

The world we live in today is much different than the one we grew up in 30-40 years ago. Different than just 5 years ago. And it’s going to keep changing at an ever growing pace. I grew up in the lower Fraser Valley and irrigation as I remember it was nothing more than the farmers hoping for rain, and the odd house with a garden hose and a sprinkler on the end of it.

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GTI Turfgrass Leadership Renewal

Guelph-U-logoThe Department of Plant Agriculture is pleased to announce two new appointments serving turfgrass education, research and outreach effective June 27th, 2016.

Stephen Fleischauer will assume the role of the Associate Diploma in Turfgrass (ADTM) Program Director, and Prof. Eric Lyons will assume the role of Director for the Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI) as part of his faculty duties.

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