WCTA Turf Line Magazine Expanding

15.11.20-Dec.Jan.FCThe WCTA’s Turf Line News magazine, now in its 45th consecutive year of publishing, will be expanding from four issues to five for 2016. “In order to better serve the turf management industry, in the coming year we will be publishing issues on an expanded schedule,” confirms Executive Director, Jerry Rousseau.

“Our two ‘Winter’ issues, this one and the February show edition will continue to be print editions but there now be three digital issues through the growing season that will be designed and formatted to be viewed optimally in an online environment whether it’s being viewed on a desktop computer or on a mobile device.”

The three digital issues will come out in  April, June and September and will continue to be theme based.

“The September issue will still be the “Research’ edition but the digital format will allow us to cover more topics in greater detail,” continues Rousseau.

This is not the only change being considered for the various communucation arms of the WCTA. There has been discussion of changing the digest sized Member Direcory to a magazine size and format to allow the addition of more content. Member and industry input will be gathered over the next year and this new look will likely land in members’ mailboxes in 2017.

There are also plans to move the website to a responsive design that will automatically reformat for optimal viewing on any device. Concludes Rousseau, “Our publishing partner, Inside Golf already runs British Columbia Golf’s website following this architecture and now with more than 25% of our visits originating from mobile devices, it makes a lot sense to make these improvements now.'