WCTA Status Report - June 2016

12.04.24-WCTAlogo-grassonly.jpgprepared by Jerry Rousseau

In the past, May/June was relatively quiet for golf/turf management associations and is when we would typically try to get caught up administratively, do our fall/winter/conference planning work, look after annual tasks like updating database records/member analytics and the like.   

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2016 Final Dues Reminder

12.04.24-WCTAlogo-grassonly.jpgBy Jason Pick

More than 700 members strong, the Western Canada Turfgrass Association has been supporting golf course superintendents, sportsfield managers and their respective supply network reliably for over 50 years and remains as dedicated as ever in fulfilling its mandate of ‘Research, Education, Discussion and Advocacy’.

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May is First Green Month

14.04.06-First.Green.logoMay is First Green month, and golf courses across the U.S. and Canada are hosting local schools for First Green STEM* field trips.   In a First Green field trip, golf course superintendents host students where they test water quality, collect soil samples, identify plants, design plantings, and calculate the square footage of parts of the golf course that the superintendents deal with every day.

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