Turf Line Magazine Jun/July 2016 'Summer Edition'

The latest issue of the Turf Line News is the 'Summer Edition' (in digital format) and features articles on the new IPM regulations, Metro-Vancouver's water shortage response plan, First Green Sportsfield addition and our first look at the 2017 conference.        

The digital format allows a less contratined approach to content and readers can link directly from an article to related online content.

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Turf Line Magazine 2016 'Show Edition'

16.02.04-TL1602.FC.CLICK HERE to view past issues of Turf Line magazine online.  The latest issue is the 'Show Edition' and is your on-stie guide to the upcoming Whistler conference takihng place February 23-25.  Hard-copy delivery is scheduled for mid-February.    

CLICK HERE to see the current edition online