Look Who's Joined the WCTA

As a unified voice for the professional golf and sportsturf management industry in western Canada, the WCTA is now 666 members strong.  Last year we welcomed 67 new members.  Since Oct 1, 2017, we've had 25 new and returned members.  Welcome and thank you for your support and confidence in our association!

We also communicate with about 1600 non-WCTA members and would like to thank everyone on our mailing list for your interest in WCTA activities.  

If you know someone who would benefit from a WCTA membership, ie Turf Line News, annual conference, membership roster, job postings, CEC program, etc, have them visit our online sign-up page at http://www.wctaturf.com/forms/joinwcta.php


Jeff Adams, Fuelex
Andrew Arsenault, Whistler GC
Cody Axelson, Tower Ranch Golf Club
Cathy Beglau, St. Michael's University School
Chris Bjorn, City of Prince George
Ken Bruneski, Nk’Mip Canyon Desert GC
John Cartlidge, Vancouver Parks Board - McCleery GC
Brock Coates, Glencoe Golf and Country Club
Ken Espenhain, City of Grand Forks Parks
Terri-Lee Green, City of Victoria Parks
Phil Joergensen, Butchart Gardens Ltd.
Duncan Longridge, Kwantlen University
Dylan Mallon, Richmond CC
Neil Matheson, City of Prince George
Chris Murphy, City of Castlegar
Gord Olson, Tsawwassen Springs
Chris Paterson, Glencoe Golf and Country Club
Jacob Raffufe, Highland Pacific GC
Morgan Robbins, Vancouver Golf Club
Jay Saltman, Brentwood College School
Matt Schreiber, Inland Properties
Grant Steinberg
Darren Tresnich, City of Grand Forks Parks
Bob Turcotte, Assiniboine Parks Conservancy
Dean Ward, City of Prince George

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Are you interested in knowing more about the societal benefits of turf?  CLICK HERE for a great poster from the CTRF.

Consider a contribution to pink snow mold research.  Member dues invoices include an area on the form to indicate a financial contribution from your facility.  The WCTA thanks everyone for supporting the projects that help support the turf industry!