'Smart Irrigation Month' Gains Momentum Across Western Provinces

In 2016, British Columbia became the first province in Canada to officially proclaim July as 'Smart Irrigation Month'.  With continued advocacy work lead by Terry Ormrod, current member and Past President of IIABC, current CPCIA Director and a current member of the WCTA, two more provinces have recently recognized the importance of the irrigation industry and improving water use efficiency and management.

A Message from the Premier of Manitoba

On behalf of all Manitobans, I am pleased to recognize July 2017 as "Smart Irrigation Month".

July is a peak month in Manitoba for the use of water in irrigation practices. It is an appropriate time to recognize recent advancements in our irrigation technology and practices that contribute to increased corp yields, healthier landscapes and sustainable outdoor activities. Indeed, properly managed irrigation technology can significantly improve water use efficiency, while also reducing run-off and infrastructure costs.

I encourage all Manitobans to reflect upon the many benefits that irrigation contributes to our province.

– The Honourable Brian Pallister


Terry Ormrod, Director
Canadian Prairie Chapter Irrigation Association
PO Box 1521, Station T
Calgary AB T2H 3A3

Dear Terry Ormrod:

Honourable Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta, forwarded your email and accompanying documentation requesting that July be proclaimed as "Smart Irrigation Month" in Alberta. She has asked that I respond on behalf of the Government of Alberta. I thank you for your request and appreciate the opportunity to provide the following information.

Environment and Parks understands the importance - and values the promotion - of water-use efficiency, especially given the demands on our water resources. I commend the Canadian Prairie Chapter of the Irrigation Association for its efforts and success in promoting wise irrigation and water use across North America.

Environment and Parks has well-established partnerships for the education and stewardship of Alberta's water resources. These include the Alberta Irrigation Project Association, the Alberta Water Council and the Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils. The Government of Alberta would be pleased to promote "Smart Irrigation Month" to our partners for their consideration.

Thank you for your letter and for your ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of responsible irrigation and water efficiency in our province.

Shannon Phillips

cc: Honourable Rachel Notley
Premier of Alberta
Honourable Oneil Carlier
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry


BC's 'Smart Irrigation Month' proclamation for 2017