July Is Smart Irrigation Month!

In 2016, British Columbia became the first province in Canada to officially proclaim July as 'Smart Irrigation Month'.  With continued advocacy work lead by Terry Ormrod, current member and Past President of IIABC, current CPCIA Director and a current member of the WCTA, Manitoba and Alberta subsequently recognized the importance of the irrigation industry and improving water use efficiency and management.










Focused on July, this campaign provides a unified marketing platform and is designed to:

- Educate businesses, homeowners, growers/producers and other users about efficient water use.
- Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies.
- Position your organization as a leader in smart water stewardship.

Take part by educating yourself in ways you can help participate in Smart Irrigation Month this July and all through the year with a few of these simple tips! 

How to Hire a Reliable, Certified Irrigation Professional
How to Water Smart & Save Money This Summer
Complement Your Smart Irrigation System with Sustainable Solutions
Plant Right - Simple Changes to Save You Money

BC's 'Smart Irrigation Month' proclamation for 2017