New Format For NTA at Bandon Dunes

When the annual conference of the Northwest Turfgrass Association returns to Bandon Dunes on the southern Oregon coast in October, it will be with a new schedule format.

The 73rd edition of the NTA Conference will be Oct. 27-29 at the famed Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. It will again be Sunday through Tuesday, but the golf outings, the dinners and the number of nights lodging will be different.

Instead of golf at mid-day on Sunday, we will leave Sunday as pretty much a travel day because of the distance to get to Bandon Dunes. The NTA plans to greet you with a drink and maybe some appetizers after your long journey, and include lodging for Sunday night in the total registration package, but everything else Sunday is on your own.

That means Monday morning will start with breakfast, then the education session, lunch, golf and then dinner, and overnight accommodations. Tuesday will be the same, with morning education, then golf, then dinner and overnight accommodations. Three nights of lodging will be included in the registration package, and come Wednesday morning you’re on your own to travel home, or stick around Bandon Dunes for some more great golf.

Because we are adding a third night of lodging, plus adding an additional lunch, plus increased costs at Bandon Dunes, the registration fee will be higher than past years at Bandon Dunes. The final cost, and the registration form, will be available in the coming months.

At this time, though, if anyone has any questions or wants more information, Paul Ramsdell, the executive director of the NTA, would be happy to help. He can be reached at or 253-219-8360.