Announcing the WCTA Online Webinar Series - WOW 2.0

With few options for providing education opportunities over the past 15 months or so, the WCTA created our first ever, online webinar series or WOW for short.  Hosted on Zoom, the inaugural episode was held in late October 2020, with a couple more following in December and January 2021.  The final session had been scheduled for February but it evolved into our successful, 2-day, ‘WOTS-UP’ virtual conference.

There was a lot of great WOW feedback but we know most everyone prefers in-person events and meetings.  That said, WCTA Directors have learned that while not a replacement for getting together, there is room in our future education programming for online delivery because of certain compelling advantages, ie. low cost, extended reach to those in remote areas.

So…. we are pleased to announce WOW 2.0, a series of Zoom webinars tentatively scheduled to begin in July!  Like before, the plan is to include CEC point opportunities for BC and AB pesticide applicators along with various other technical and professional development subjects.  Episodes will typically follow the same 2 hour format, include short sponsor presentations and will be no charge for WCTA members to participate.

At the time of writing (early June 2021), planning is just getting started but we have outlined a tentative WOW 2.0 schedule as follows:

Episode #1 – July 22nd
Episode #2 – September 23rd
Episode #3 – November 25th
Episode #4 – January 25th, 2022 

If you’re interested in speaking, sponsoring or have topic ideas, email Jerry Rousseau with your thoughts and ideas.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.