Japanese Beetle Flight Season Begins June 15th

via Invasive Species Council of BC

Soon, the Japanese beetle flight season will begin as temperatures consistently reach around 21°C! During this time, the beetles will fly aimlessly, in search of their favourite plants (300 different species) or a mate.

Though they are unlikely to be seen while at low population numbers, keep a keen eye out, as you could spot them in your landscapes, gardens, trees, and even among your row crops! Keep an eye on your roses!  

These beetles measure about one centimeter in length and are easily recognizable by the six tufts of white hairs on either side of the abdomen, their metallic green head and body and copper-brown wing covers. If you happen to stumble upon these insects, don't hesitate to sound the alarm!  

Report any suspects to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) by calling 604-292-5742 OR email cfia.wstJBSJ.acia@canada.ca.

You can use our Look-Alikes Factsheet to help identify what insects you may be looking at. Remember to take a photo and note down where you discovered it to help us record sightings!